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Custom Radius/Profiling

Why get Custom Radius/Profiling?baldemaster-skate-contouring.gif

Skate contouring is a precision system of shaping skates to the individual specifications of each skater.  Accurate positioning of the balance point on the blade provides maximum stability & maneuverability. The concept of contouring is to center a skate for the proper lie & radius. The lie positions the body weight, which is important to the start of the skater's thrust position. The correct lie ensures that the skater will start the thrust from his proper balance point.  As the semi-circle is completed, the leg is extended & the thrust travels down the blade. The correct lie controls the stress on the knee & the amount of knee bend, which is the key to controlling muscle fatigue. The contour, or curvature of the blade, will control speed & lateral movement.


Profiling shapes the blades according to the style & position of the player.
Precision grinding brings both blades to within 0.01mm of each other.
Increases player speed & stability by maximizing glide surface.
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